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Explore our world of self love & dance

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.”

Explore our world of self love & dance

Special heels classes are created for any absolute beginners or aspiring dancers, previous dancers who want to relight their fire or anyone who just loves good music, movement and want to make their evenings special. Classes are based on forming a safe space for you to feel comfortable, encouraged and motivated to progress. To discover new ways to move and create, to find confidence in yourself and to start feeling strong and best in your body.

Events & More

On top of regular weekly classes we offer differential events during the season, to connect with them selves and with our special heels community.

Feeling Myself

Feeling myself are workshops not like any other. We dive in to relaxation, discovering our confidence, beauty, elegance, sex appeal, movement, sensuality, fearlessness, etc within safe environment, good music and some tasty vine.

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Special Heels Intesives

Do you want to maximise your potential and skills, push your training abilities, gain more focus, and let rush of energy run through your body? Special Heels Intensives are made for a good quality training, improving heels technique, strength and endurance.

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Weekend Retreats

What a better gift to give yourself than time! Time for your well being, fierceness, socialising, self love, great music and dancing. Join us for those unforgettable three days that you deserve.

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Wine Night Only

An unforgettable night of dancing and wine

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Special Heels - concept video

Proudly presenting our first concept video with our gorgeous Special Heels dancers. Do you want to be a part of the next one? - look out for upcoming info.

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Video Library

Introducing the heart of Special Heels: our dance video library. It's like a treasure trove of dance magic! Your backstage pass to all the workshops, classes, and extra event videos. Relive the dance, laughter, and progress whenever you want!

Feeling Myself


Trusted opinions of dancers

I started Tjaša’s special heels class as a total dancing beginner a few months ago and it was quite challenging and out of my comfort zone at first. But just after a few classes and all the support of everyone involved my confidence grew and I really started to enjoy myself. The classes really encourage feeling good and strong in your body and fuel your feminine energy.

-Lea Loti

Tjasa helped me reignite the spark for dancing and I couldn’t wish for a more inspiring and kind teacher. Heels training soon became my favourite time of the week and I absolutely love how it makes me feel. Tjasa pushes us to the next level and to see the progress (also on other girls) is insane! Oh and the vibes during our classes are the best, I never felt so safe and welcome in other dance classes 💕


Tjasa’s classes are the best! The passion she has for dance and teaching shines through her every move and everything she does. Beside killer choreography and energy in the classes, she makes us all feel so empowered and every week more and more confident! So thankful for Tjasa and Special Heels ladies!🔥❤️


Start to attending heels classes was one of the best decision I made. Training day is a day that i am waiting the most every week, and feel the most alive after it. Tjaša is such a lovely person who inspire us every time that we feel brave, sexy and feminine enough to dance our feelings out. Our heels classes aren’t just regular dance classes, but much more than that - it’s a community filled with love, embrace & true friendship with lots of unforgettable memories.


I started going to Tjaša’s trainings over a year ago and I try to never miss a class. I really like the vibe and mood of Tjaša on our training, she is a very positive person and a professional dancer. 😍 I’ve never tried high heels but now I love them and look forward to my next training every week. 🙏🏼 The team of the most beautiful girls and the special atmosphere in the classroom is all about high heels with Tjaša! 🤍


Wether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, you will definitely find a safe and welcoming space to express yourself authentically. I literally can’t wait for a next season. 🤍




What type of heels should I wear?

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This is our vibe

The Special Heels community goes beyond mere dance classes, offering a nurturing space for individuals to blossom and connect. Beyond the dance floor, it serves as a secure sanctuary where members can not only refine their dance skills but also cultivate personal growth and meaningful relationships.

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